How to Turn Off Auto Correct on iPad Using Simple Technique

Auto-Correct generally is a great feature, but because frequently as not necessarily, it can be a very frustrating option.  You will find definitely a few cool steps you can take with Auto-Correct.  On the other hand, when you have Auto Correct turned off and need to turn it back on, these instructions works back.  The actual complete procedure is basically simple.  To turn off auto correct on iPad, follow the instructions below.

Steps to Turn Off Auto Correct on iPad

  • Step one is to try to go into your iPad settings via the icon that looks like gears turning.
  • After that, pick “General” from your left-side menus. This will fill up the section of the screen to the right with the various options found under general settings.
  • Open the keyboard settings by simply scrolling down until you see the “Keyboard” option and tapping on it.
  • The Auto-Correction setting is just under Auto-Capitalization. Just tap the slider to turn it On to Off.

turn off auto correct on ipad

Are You Looking Auto Correct Without the Auto Correct?

By default, spell checking is actually turned on for your Apple iPad. You can examine this particular setting on the same display screen used to turn Auto-Correct on and off. It’s just below that setting.  When spell checking is turned on, incorrectly spelled words or what the iPad thinks are misspelled words will have a red squiggly line below them.  Simply tap the word, and the iPad will offer three suggestions for corrections. This is simply the same as Auto Correct with no auto and having much more option to make sure you replace it with the proper word.

Additionally, you can pay attention to Predictive typing, and this is turned on by default and also set up in the similar keyboard settings. Predictive typing recommends words and phrases when you type. In case you’re typing a lengthy word, maintaining one eye around the predictions over the top of the keyboard will enable you to use one tap to finish the word.


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