Simple Guide to Manage Apps on iPad

When you have too much apps on your iPad, it is a hassle if you have swipe a couple of pages just to find the right app. Here are tips to manage apps on iPad.

Awesome Tips to Manage Apps on iPad Easily

  • Set the apps available on every pages

If you have the apps that you use every time you open iPad, you can make shortcut so these apps will appear on every pages you swipe on. Tap and hold the apps until you see them jiggle. Drag the apps to the bottom screen. This bottom screen is called dock. Once the apps placed on dock, they will appear on every pages.

manage apps on ipad

  • Set the apps to certain page

Maximum pages on iPad are 11 pages to hold the apps. Do you see white dots above dock? They represent page amounts on your iPad and the white dot represent the page you are currently view. If the white dot at the number 3 from the left, it means now you open page number 3. Tap and hold the apps till they jiggle. Then drag them through pages to be placed on wherever pages you wanted to be.

  • Set the apps to certain page using iTunes

Open iTunes on your desktop then connect iPad. Select iPad and click Apps tab. On screen will appear all apps and different pages they’ve been placed. If you want to move it click and hold the app then drag it to pages you wanted.

  • Make folder

To manage apps on iPad with the same categories into a folder, all you have to do is drag the app into another apps. Then iPad will automatically create a folder and name the folder based on the icons. There 20 folder categories on iPad list. If you want to change the folder’s name, click the “x” and type the name.

  • Alphabetically order

To arrange the apps on the pages on alphabetically order, go to Settings menu then select General column. Select Reset and Reset Home Screen. The apps on your iPad will be arranged on alphabetically order start at second page since the first page is allocated to Apple default apps.


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