How to Make Old iPad Running Faster as It Used to be

Every handheld devices including iPad will run slower as the time progress. These are the tips to make your old iPad running faster as it used to be.

Step by step to Make Old iPad Running Faster

  • Delete the no longer used apps. Apps take some space on the storage. By deleting all the no longer used apps, you will free some space in iPad’s memory that makes iOS work lighter. Remember deleting the apps is not similar with closing the apps down. Deleting means you completely remove the apps from your device while closing down means you only stop the apps to work but the apps still take the space in device memory.

make old ipad running faster

  • Remove large files. Go to Settings menu, General column then select Storage & iCloud Usage. Tap Manage Storage to see large files that occupy your device. Delete the files you do not longer anymore.
  • Restart iPad. After you clean the apps and large files of your iPad, restart your device so it can refresh the memory. Hold down a little longer Sleep/Wake button till you see Power control slider. Slide the power off. Hold down Sleep/Wake button again if you want to turn on your iPad.
  • Switch off apps refresh. This will stop apps refresh feature that running in background. Go to Settings menu, select General column then Switch to OFF Background App Refresh.
  • Update iOS. It is just another way to make your device running faster if several tips beforehand is not working. Be warned that sometimes updating iOS is not helping your iPad running faster, it even makes your device running slower.
  • Clear cache. Full cache makes your Safari working hard to search through all the website data. Go to Settings menu, General column and Clear History and Website Data to clear all the cache.
  • Turn off Location Service. If you turn on this feature, it will always running in background. Not only it makes your iPad running slower, it also drains the battery. Go to Settings menu, tap Privacy column and switch to OFF Location Services.

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