How to Use Siri on iPad Mini for Beginners

How to use Siri on iPad Mini might be something interesting to learn. Basically, Siri is a digital assistant provided by Apple for every holder of Apple gadget whether this is iPhone or iPad. If you are wondering about the person behind Siri voice, you should know that Siri is voice control but it talks back to whom asked them.

how to use siri on ipad mini

Siri very understands about context and relationship matters with the personality based on Pixar. It is very easy to use or talk with Siri. Just talk to Siri like she or he is your real assistant. Siri will also help you when you get lost and need assistant to go back home. You can even ask Siri to enter the text automatically like you said.

How to use Siri for iPad Mini

Using Siri on iPad Mini may be as same as on the other Apple device like iPhone. But you should make sure about the security and privacy while using Siri. Before using it you should enable the Siri first. Other than that, you can see the other setting options in order to make your Siri more secure. You should know that Siri can pass your password or PIN lock. It is also able to see your contact, personal data, texts, and many more.

This is why you should look at the setting tab and choose whatever feels convenient for you and your Siri. You can even change the language of Siri and make it listens to you in certain time only. All things you can do by only using your voice!

As we have said earlier, Siri very understands about relationship and context. If one day you want to call your mother, you just say to Siri. Siri knows who mother is and what number should be called.

Siri also helps you when you want it to send email, text, or chat to your friends just by using your voice. So, you should know about how to use Siri on iPad Mini.


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