Step by Step to Use AirPlay on iPad Air

iPad Air is still one of the most famous tablet in this universe. We can say that Mac things are just very wonderful. As long as you have compatible device for AirPlay like Apple TV, you will be able to use it in iPad too. But of course you need to know further about how to use AirPlay on iPad Air.

use airplay on ipad air

Actually this is the simple thing but sometimes it can go wrong if you do not know how to operate it. Basically the steps can be so simple to be collaborated with video apps and music apps from Apple itself. But it might get more difficult if you combine with the third party such as Netflix, Pandora, and many more.

How to use AirPlay on iPad Air

With AirPlay, you can stream music, photos, and videos to your Apple TV, or stream music to your AirPort Express or AirPlay-enabled speakers. And with AirPlay Mirroring, you can display your iOS screen on your Apple TV.

airplay on ipadWe will show you about how to use AirPlay on iPad Air. If your goal is to connect your iPad Air to the television or use the AirPlay Display Mirroring, first step is entering the control panel tab. The control panel tab can be found after to slide up the bottom part of your iPad screen.

The tab of control panel will simply show up once you slide the screen on the up part. Then if you want to connect the Applet TV, you will see the button of Apple TV right next to the button of AirDrop in the control panel tab.

The Apple TV button will show up after you turned on the TV and also connected it to the same network or Wi-Fi with your iPad.

This term is also applied if you want to connect it with another compatible device like speaker systems. After that you should tap the button and then choose the device that will be connected. If this step is done then you can activate the AirPlay. If the device is Apple TV, you might encounter with extra steps with the iPad Air compared.

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