How to Bypass Password Security on iPad Using Recovery Mode

You probably confidence that you will always remember the password of your iPad device till one day you found that your iPad still locked no matter what you enter the password. There is one way to bypass password security on iPad so you can access your iPad again. It is using Recovery Mode. Here are steps-by-steps to restore iPad from Recovery Mode.

bypass password security on ipad

Step by step to Bypass Password Security on iPad

Be warned that using recovery mode means all your data and information on your iPad will be wiped clean and your iPad will install the latest iOS automatically. That is why it is very important if you regularly save a backup to anticipate this kind of incident. Make sure you know your Apple ID and password (It was set up when you use the device for the first time) before you start restoring your iPad using recovery mode.

  1. Charge your iPad to at least 20%.
  2. Make sure your iPad is not connected to any PC or Mac.
  3. Open iTunes program on your Mac or PC.
  4. Turn off your iPad by holding down a little longer Sleep/Wake button till you see the Power slider. Slide Power to OFF.
  5. Press the Home button. While one hand pressing the Home button, the other hand attach the lightning cable connecting iPad with Mac or PC.
  6. iPad will power up in recovery mode, with blue iTunes logo and white lightning cable appeared on screen display. Pop up message will display on iTunes detecting iPad in recovery mode.
  7. Click OK .
  8. Click Restore and iTunes will wipe clean all data software and information on your iPad and restore the device.
  9. Input Apple ID and password then click continue.
  10. If you already have a backup for your iPad, choose “Restore From This Backup”. Choose “Set Up As New iPad” if you want your iPad like when you bought it. Click continue.
  11. Now you can use your iPad again without any password security appear on the screen.

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