Several Ways to Expand Battery Life on iPad

We know that iDevice can be so addicting. If possible you can seat forever playing your iPad and you expected the battery of your iPad can stay alive as long as possible too. Here are several ways to expand battery life on iPad.

Tips to Expand Battery Life on iPad

  • Keep your iPad out of hot environment. Heat will drain the battery life of your iPad. If possible put your device in cool environment every time you don’t use it.
  • Reduce the screen brightness. The bigger you set the screen brightness, the faster your battery life will be wasted. Go to Settings menu and tap Brightness & Wallpaper column. Set the screen brightness as low as 30% brightness.
  • Set your iPad to lock quickly. Another way to save iPad’s battery is by setting the device to lock quickly. Go to Settings menu, tap General column and select Auto-Lock. Choose the Auto-Lock time for your device locked as quickly as it can.

expand battery life on iPad

  • Turn on Airplane Mode. If you go to area with unstable connection, it is better if you set to airplane mode. Since your iPad will constantly search connection, makes your battery running out fast. Go to Settings menu then switch to ON Airplane Mode.
  • Choose Wi-Fi instead of 3G/4G. Your iPad battery life will hold for 10 hours using Wi-Fi while using 3G only get your iPad to 9 hours live.
  • Reduce or Switch off the frequent times to fetch emails and calendar checking. Go to Settings menu then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars column. Select the longer time to fetch new data. If you do not use your email regularly, you can switch to OFF the Push feature and manually checking your emails.
  • Reduce or Switch off Push Notification. Push notification is draining your iPad’s battery life by pulling in data every time there are new feeds in the apps. Go to Settings menu then switch to OFF Notification column.

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